Wait? You're single?

At some point in our lives do we give off a vibe that our expiration date is near and we need to settle down? Is my clock ticking my life away and I am just waiting for something perfect for me? Or is my expiration date near and guys treat you like a carton of milk? They commit to the one behind you with a day less on her spoiled stage. It seems that even my mother has a higher chance to meet someone to love than I do. This isn't really for the lack of trying, but in reality I do have a "No Loser" policy and it goes in effect once in a while. For example, I meet one, like one, imagine our marriage, do one and never have ones time again. So meet, like, marry, fuck and kill. The five elements of any "I am thirty two years old and am starting to collect animals" club.
So, no I am not 32. I am 31 in real life and 25 and 6 years of experience in imagination. I will stay 25 because in all reality I am a little kid who works overtime and pays bills. I pay my taxes, I…

FBGM- My ideas

Day 1- Buy car

Day 7- Buy house
Day 14- Open companyDay 15- Start working more hoursDay 20- Sign up for graduate schoolDay 30- Have a fucking panic attackDay 31- Keep having the same panic attackMonth 2/ Day 2- Panic attacks galore

On female sexuality.

Sexuality- noun - capacity for sexual feelings - a person's sexual preference - sexual activity
In today's age when we count everyone's good times and judge every person's notches, how much sexuality is good sexuality? How much fun time can we have before someone calls us a whore? And the misuse of that word just pisses me off. Call me a slut, I'm not getting paid for it. Yet.

We live in a world where sexuality is measured by how many partners we have, to how often we want it. The second list number I'm not even going to talk about. That's another story. So, how many people have you slept with? What is your number? We get asked that in relationships, by our doctors, by our friends and sometimes even by family. That's too creepy. Even in my case where my mother is one of my best friends. I think she can just assume. 

In relationships, why does that even matter? In case you're wondering about my health, it's fine thank you, but why the fuck do you have…

These are the days of our lives

Happy SaturYAY readers!  There is not a day more glorious than Saturday.  I tanned a little and played by the pool with my sister and her friends. It was so funny to hear 20 something year olds talk about life while you, the big sister drink in hand is contemplating how much damage your skin would get if you fell asleep drinking?

I watched my all time favorite show all day, worked a little, designed a little and now I'm writing a little. I am interested in your stories as well as your questions if you have anything to ask in ways of advice, business ideas or if you just want to talk about your hobbies or ways you volunteer or give to others.

I am doing a little project and would like to see who really reads this blog and what can I do for however many of you that there is. There is a tiny little spot in my black little heart that tells me to care. And I do and have. I want to help. Words are all that can give now and I read really well. Your identity will never be published, unle…

Thoughts of Stitch- Day three

He won't stop looking at me and every time I look at him, he tries to meow at me or jump like he's all that and a bag of chips. I feel like he is constantly undermining me like "Try me!"

His cockiness amazes me. He is so rude to mom, who feeds him by the way and he treats grandma like he's king of the house. He is not. I own this. And them. So, we woke up this morning at 6 am. Mommy was sweaty and woke up in a panic. She was okay a few minutes later when she walked through the hallway to let me go potty. We woke grandma up and we were all late getting ready; but we all made it on time to work. I, of course, stayed home. I'm only 2.5. So Oreo and I were finally alone. Oh, how I am going to chase the heck out of this cat. It's going to be an all day process.

It's a beautiful day outside and I think this is lunch time. Mommy is home from work!! I hope she stays. I think this is where she stays home. I'm pretty sure she isn't going anywhere becaus…

Thoughts of Stitch- Day two

Dear friends, family, followers, etc. We woke up today just like any other day, but nicely in a comfy bed with birds chirping outside. Then like clockwork, Oreo starts meowing and 7:15 and sits directly outside of the door scratching in. Sometimes, I want to bite; I choose not to. Mom went to work and I chased Oreo all day just for payback. Mom came home for lunch for her medication and stayed to play with me and Oreo while she ate. She had work as well because she was on the phone more than she was eating. She does that sometimes most of the time. I just wish she was home more. Or work from home. At least I can cuddle when I need to. Mommy is hooooome!! Oh, hurry and open the door! YES! I love you!! So mom is happy. Really happy. Something about a house and a realtor. I wonder what that means. Grandma is home and so is Anna. Anna is sad. Mom is so excited she's anxious. She is saying something about a house. A new house; big and more room. We are going to see it.  Geez, I hate c…

Thoughts of Stitch- Day one

4/28/17- 6:30 am Today, mom woke up just like a cat. In a panic attack. But, she's so happy towards me. She lets Oreo in for a few minutes. He sleeps with us, then wakes up, and slaps me to wake up. In which he wakes Mom up and ruins her moment. Sometimes, he isn't in the room that early, and she's calm but listening through mom ears for him and his moment to be hers. When he isn't let in, sometimes I'm glad. #sorrynotsorry.
Mom got up to let me go do my business and she left the door open. I climbed down the steps and stepped to visit our next door neighboor; but before I walk over there, I'll pee on Mom's tires because she's mine. It's mine. This house is mine. I walked down the street and stopped at the home two houses down. I peed on their lawn and decided to go on. Their little dog pisses me off. He always gets me in trouble with Mom and I am not about to ask the little ass his name. Next is the nice guy that keeps his lawn well taken care of.…